Battery - Electric Shunting


Description Value
Gauge - mm 1435
Traction force - kN >150
Drive system 3 driven axles
Drive AC electric motors - nominal 3 x 30kW
Nominal work capacity in tons 3000 on straight+level track
Weight - kg 48 000 KG
Dimensions LxWxH - mm 7400x2400x2700
Wheels, dia. in mm Solid steel, φ660
Operating power - V 24
Main power supply - V 80
Battery capacity - Ah 2x1400
Battery chargers 2xBuilt-in on-board - high frequency, air-mix system integrated
Max. recharge time - hours 5,5
Battery life - full charge cycles >1800
Work speed - m/h To be defined
Single travel speed - m/h To be defined
AC motor controllers Curtis Instruments - USA
AC motor controllers water cooling YES
AC motor controllers user-programator (option - laptop or hand-held)
Brakes locomotive Regeneration, electromagnetic parking brakes, spring-applied emergency brake
Brakes wagons Pneumatic brakes – standard railway
Sanding On front+back 4 wheels, direction-wise automatic
Braking distance - single travel - m <5
Braking distance - shunting work - m <3 depends on load and number of wagons
Braking distance - emergency - m <2
Air compressor type Screw
Air compressor capacity 3000l/min @ 8bars
Radio remote control range 300m at open space
Radio remote control range - extended YES – up to 500m
Quality management system EN ISO 9001:2015
Environment management system EN ISO 14001:2015
Weldin management system EN ISO 15085:2